Read this message if you want to Stop Fatigue, Reduce Mood Swings, Stop Mental Fogginess, Shed Some Excess Fat, Reduce PMS Symptoms & Hot Flashes, Sleep Better, Reduce Depression, Have More Energy, Feel Great & Take Back Control of your Life!

Imagine if you no longer had sugar cravings and would rather NOT eat sugar by choice…

Imagine your life without the ups and downs that sugar brings…

Imagine being able to walk right by sugar that used to tempt and shake your head with a smile and say, “No thanks, I’d rather not eat that stuff.” Not because you are fighting within yourself to not eat it but because YOU DON’T WANT IT ANYMORE….

Imagine not even thinking about sugar anymore….

Imagine feeling empowered because these sugar cravings NO LONGER control you…

I know, I know…right now it might be hard to imagine BUT it can happen and it does to thousands of people who do the same things that I show you how to do.

Why? Because I understand, I was a sugar addict for 30 years. I read all kinds of books for the last 6 years of those 30 years but they just didn’t seem to help me to stop wanting sugar.

Sure you might be able to muster up enough will power for a day to not eat it, actually I couldn’t even do that, but to not want it or think about it anymore? Now that was not happening for me no matter what I read or tried.

Are you like Ann who just felt totally out of control with sugar? Not only with eating it but it seemed to pre-occupy her mind and other areas of her life were out of control.

I was like that too and I HATED that feeling.

I felt like I was trapped, trapped by my cravings and trapped by my unending desire for more and more sugar that never seemed to be satisfied. I would tell myself that “one time” or “last time” would do it for me but it always left me wanting more the next day.

It was like this bucket I kept pouring sugar in that a huge hole in the bottom and it kept falling out the bottom….so I had to keep putting more back in, only to be left disappointed.

The crazy thing is I am a personal trainer and health expert who has helped thousands of people get healthy but I could not stop eating sugar. Not even my husband knew of my sugar issues until he read my book! He was shocked!

The great news, my friend, is you actually can get to a place where you don’t even want sugar anymore, you don’t think about it, you can walk right by it and laugh at it instead of running to it and you no longer have cravings. Yes, that really does happen!

That is why I made this simple 14 day system to help you. It’s the same exact way that I overcame the constant cravings for sugar and it’s the same thing that can help you too.

Check out what some other people, possibly that are just like you have to say about the FREEDOM they now have in their life and they LOVE it! By reading these real success stories it can encourage you to believe that you REALLY can have this happen for you too…

kim“I thought I would be miserable without chocolate and now I do NOT even miss it! And I can’t believe that happened in only 14 days”

“When I first thought about getting off chocolate I thought I would be miserable. Wow, was I wrong; it’s been awesome and so worth it. I cannot stress enough how worth it, it has been. I was always the one that said, ‘I will NOT live without chocolate; it’s a woman’s best friend and I will have it!’ After doing Samantha’s program, I haven’t had chocolate in over 4 months and I REALLY don’t even miss it! I used to have it every day and didn’t think I could be without it.

“I don’t even think about chocolate anymore!”

I used to have it every day and didn’t think I could be without it. I always had an afternoon slump, having to take a nap and I was crabby with my kids. Now, it’s wonderful, I have so much energy, no more naps and I can just look at chocolate and m & m’s in the store and I really have NO desire whatsoever to have it and it’s awesome. I never thought it would happen and it did.

I didn’t believe Samantha when she told me I wouldn’t crave it anymore and I did NOT believe her but after doing her program, I found out she was telling the truth! I don’t even THINK about chocolate or sugar anymore and I was really addicted to it. I am so grateful to Samantha for I tried it on my own before and it didn’t work until I got on her program.

Also, I have a 5 year old and we were having a hard time getting him to listen, he was bouncing off the walls; he was driving me crazy. When I started to get free from sugar I thought maybe it would help my son as well so I stopped giving him all the sugary snacks. Right away I noticed a change in his behavior, all of a sudden he was calming down and he is listening better. It’s amazing how much easier it is being a mom and I am also amazed at how much less sick my kids get now; less fevers and colds.” — Kim – former sugar addict for 20 years!

Listen to Kim’s testimonial

“It’s been 9 months since I have been free from sugar and I do NOT miss it at all! I’m ½ months pregnant and don’t crave it. I have it every once in a while but it doesn’t control me anymore!”

Watch Kim Hill tell you how great it is to be free from sugar (this is a different Kim then the one above). Kim was a REALLY bad former sugar addict AND she is also 6 ½ months pregnant, has been off sugar for 9 months and is not even craving it pregnant! That is amazing!

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“Sugar was making me feel so bad; I went to the Doctor because I thought something was wrong with me. When Samantha helped me get off sugar, I lost 15 lbs. at age 47 and I feel absolutely amazing!”

“I ate so much of it I was called by everyone in my office the ‘Chocolate Lady’. I felt there is NO WAY Samantha was going to get me off of it for I had been addicted to sugar ever since I was a child. As an adult I always heard that women need chocolate so I figured it was okay and I didn’t even know I was addicted to it. But then I got to a point where I could not go a day without eating lots of chocolate; I would crave it constantly and binge on it but the result was always the same, feeling terrible.

“Getting free from the addiction to sugar has made such a positive difference in my life”

Now after going through Samantha’s program I can proudly say I am no longer controlled by chocolate, I control the chocolate. I still occasionally have some; I have not completely eliminated it from my life because I have learned from Samantha how to have balance. I now can have a small piece and not have it again for a week and not even crave it. I have never been able to do that in my entire life and I am 47! Samantha told me that I could be free from it and not even want it anymore; but I didn’t believe her. It’s really amazing how what she teaches you really does work.

Before I met her I felt really unhealthy; I just didn’t feel good, it was hard to get out of bed, I was having a hard time concentrating and I had a headache every day. I literally thought if the way I felt continues, I didn’t know how I was going to make it through the next five years. I felt so bad, I even went to a Doctor to see if something was wrong with me and he didn’t find anything. It never occurred to me that sugar was causing these problems. I did her program because I was tired of feeling bad and tired of being tired.

Now after doing Samantha’s program I have lost the last 15 lbs. that I could NOT lose for 10 years, I have more energy so I can run 3 miles a day, I feel good about myself, no more headaches and I am happy. My life has changed from her program, it really has and I am so glad I decided to do it even though I was a little nervous to. Samantha’s ‘Sugar Addiction Solution’ has really been the solution for me and has made such a positive difference in my life.” — Kathy – former sugar addict for over 40 years!

Listen to Kathy’s testimonial

Watch Kim and I – two FORMER sugar addicts talk about how great it is to be free from the control of sugar in our lives (she is 6 feet tall so I look pretty tiny next to her). She also wanted me to mention what a huge part prayer was personally for her in overcoming her sugar addiction.
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chris“Sugar doesn’t tempt me anymore and if I do eat it, which is Rare, it doesn’t even taste like I used to remember it so I don’t even finish it”

Chris in her mid 50’s got rid of a sugar addiction she had for 30 years. Within a few weeks she was free from the control of it over her life and now 4 years later after doing my program she is still free from sugar and does NOT even crave it or miss it. She has it every once in a while now and it doesn’t even taste the same to her anymore so she doesn’t even finish it!

Along with exercise and eating healthier, she also lost 55 lbs. and went from a tight size 14, dropping 6 sizes in only 7 months! Check out her before and after pictures!


ann“In only 14 days, I can’t believe how it doesn’t have a hold on me anymore. The freedom is so amazing! I just want to shout it off the roof tops!”

Watch Ann explain how she was free from the control of sugar in her life in ONLY 14 days!

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“Now that I have done Samantha’s program and have been off sugar for 3 weeks, I’m just amazed at how it doesn’t have more of a stronghold on me. It’s just shocking me that it’s not making me crazy being without it, like I thought it would. I thought if I tried to give it up that it would be all I would think about. Even after the first few days of coming off it doing it the way Samantha showed me how, it started to feel like it didn’t have control over me at all anymore; it’s just amazing to me! And you know what? I feel so good! I am not tired in the afternoon. I don’t get the crash anymore. I just feel so good!

I don’t feel bloated! I used to feel bloated all the time and now my stomach doesn’t look bloated anymore. I was always fighting the stomach issue but now that looks so much better and I’m just really happy about it! I give Samantha all the credit because I know I never could have done it, unless I heard her talk about it, and it gave me the courage to do it because I don’t think I would have done it; I really don’t. I have tried and it has never worked. Samantha is such a real, transparent person and I don’t think I would have had the courage to do this if I hadn’t heard about her struggles and hearing her openness about it.

“I feel SO much better and I like the person I have become”

I don’t miss it at all! I don’t miss the control it had over me. I don’t miss trying to sneak it, the sense of hiding it, and I’m just really amazed that it doesn’t have more control over me. Every time I start thinking about my past relationship with sugar, it’s seems like it was a drug, and that I had a drug addiction, and I know that some people compare it, sugar to certain drugs, and how it can have a control over you; well, I would have never thought that about me, until I did your program. I finally said to myself, “Gosh! It’s like I was some kind of ex-addict!”

And I just like my body so much better; I like how I feel so much better; I like the person that I am more. I know that it was controlling me. I like everything about NOT having it in my life, it’s so much freedom. I would like to shout it from the rooftop! If you are thinking of doing this, just do it because you will be amazed of the difference in your body if you just, a few days with sugar out. Almost everything that you have going on with your body, I could probably relate back to sugar because of the inflammation.

I know how much control it has over people; and that it had over me but now I am FREE from the control of it. It’s worth it; it can change your life! Thank you so much Samantha, I REALLY appreciate you making this program for us.” Ann McCormick

Listen to this written story in audio – click here

When Angie was turning 40 in the New Year of 2010 she decided she wanted to see some changes in her body. She was addicted to drinking soda and with easily getting rid of that, exercise and eating the 14 day plan I have for you as a bonus, she lost 35 lbs. in only 4 months!angie_before_after

sam“I thought about sugar all the time and didn’t feel like my life would be complete without it. Now, I am so glad to be free from the control of it in my life!” – Samantha Taylor

I was addicted sugar ever since I can remember from childhood. My earliest memory of sugar was when I was 5 years old living on the beach in California.

We were begging my mom for sugar so she had us run all the way down to this blue barrel at the end of the beach which seemed like a mile for a 5 year old. We had to touch it and run back and then she would “reward” us with Elephant ears she would bake in the oven (dough covered in cinnamon and sugar).

As the years progressed my sugar addiction was fed by my grandparents always having chocolate and sweets for us grandkids and to this day both of my grandmas are still addicted to sugar.

I ate sugar all the time and when I was 8 years old, my sister and I would go through the cupboards to find a box of cake mix and hide on the floor eating the batter, throwing the box away hoping my grandma wouldn’t find it.

Then when I was 10, I found myself scrounging for change in the couch seat cushions going to the local drug store with my sister and buying 10 chocolate bars so we could gorge on them.


In my early teens I would buy bulk boxes of candy bars and hide them in my desk, eating them all day long. I even snuck out of my house as Casper the ghost with a sheet on my head when I was grounded on trick or treat day just so I could “get my fix”.

My sugar addiction got worse and as an adult as I turned to food to deal with stress.

The sugar just seemed to take over; I felt like some kind of addict. I would gorge on pastries, cookies, chocolate; basically anything I could get my hands on.

I felt like it controlled me, like it “talked” to me and if I felt a craving I felt like I HAD to give in. Do you know what that is like? It’s the worst feeling but you don’t feel like you can do anything about it, do you?


It felt like a drug!

I was also an impulsive eater, if I saw it, I felt like I HAD to eat it; I honestly had NO self-control. It was so bad that one time I was craving brownies really bad so I left the house to get them…and cookies to bake….and a cake to make. Oh boy! I ate almost all of it in one night and had some leftovers in the morning of brownies but what happened next shocked me!

When I got up to have brownies for breakfast I pulled off the towel I had over them on the counter and found they were covered in red fire ants! What was I to do? I said to myself, “You know I could probably brush those off,” so I literally went out outside in my yard brushing off thousands of red fire ants as I was fighting them off from attacking my hands.

It was in that moment I realized, I really had a problem!

The ironic thing is the sugar addiction continued even as a fitness professional who is a personal trainer and weight loss expert! I was working at a gym where I was the number one producing personal trainer out of 2000 trainers and I was at the height of my sugar addiction that NO ONE knew about.

One time at that gym, they had their 20 year anniversary party which meant lots of cake. I grabbed this huge sheet of cake that was literally 3 feet long by 2 feet wide and I hid it in the cabinet in the break room. I ate nothing but cake for THREE DAYS! I was hiding back there hoping no other staff was going to walk in and find cake on my face! I did throw in a little chicken just because I knew I needed protein. Talk about manipulating the system!

Now you may relate to those situations I have dealt with or you may not. Maybe you just eat a little bit of sugar everyday but you also don’t feel like you stop and just wonder why don’t feel good. You have the ups and downs and cravings and crashes. I went through that too.

No matter what level of sugar addiction you have, I can help you because I have been one of the worst sugar addicts I have ever met!

The sugar addiction had control over my life. I had all the head knowledge of what to do, I was a health expert for crying out loud but the addiction to sugar took over and I didn’t know how to stop.

I would try to stop eating it but nothing seemed to work.

You know those things you say, “That’s it. I am never eating this again!” Then you are good for a day till the cravings come back. Then it’s as if all morals go out the window and you just don’t care anymore. The urge to eat it seems stronger than your desire to stay off of it.

The bizarre thing was in 2004 something happened and I finally reached a point where I didn’t binge on regular food anymore; that was a miracle I got over that because I used to eat about 4000 calories at a time. But the sugar addiction didn’t disappear; I struggled with that for another 6 years!

For a few years, those were some of the toughest years with sugar addiction I had experienced, going on and off of sugar. I actually did that about 50 times over that 6 year period. The ups and downs, the emotional roller coaster, the constant cravings, feeling bloated; I was miserable.

I tried everything: Candida cleanses, detoxes, finally going off of it for a few weeks but it always called my name back to it.


It was like this dysfunctional relationship that I just kept going back to for the good part so easily forgetting about the bad parts that were really negatively affecting my life.

I felt like a total failure.

Not only from having sugar seem like it controlled me but I am a health expert! People paid me money to help them get healthy and I also had my own health talk radio show!

I was rather embarrassed knowing what a hypocrite I felt like but I just didn’t know how to stop. Do you experience that too, wanting to stop but you don’t know how?

Have hope because I have found the solution!

Then one day about 7 years ago, I finally was so fed up with the constant struggle, I kind of “woke up” and decided to start reading about what sugar was and what it did in the body.

I had never done this before and I was so shocked to find out how toxic and poisonous many experts believed it was. The more I read, the more I was convinced that I had to figure out a way to stop eating it but I was scared to; I didn’t know how.

I honestly thought my life would be boring without it!

From what I read I was also encouraged to understand that I wasn’t just some freak that had no self-control, sugar was actually doing things in my body that was causing me to crave it like an addict.

But I didn’t want to stop eating it because I didn’t know what my life would be like without sugar and I thought it just wouldn’t be complete. But the more I studied it, the more I knew I had to find a way to stop eating it.

Then finally, for the first time in my life….I was able to stop eating it! It was like a miracle!

And I literally stayed off it for about 6 months. I felt so amazing I could hardly stand it!

Then….I went on vacation. Uh oh. I wasn’t ready for that one!

And it all began again. I wasn’t prepared for what would happen when I started eating it again and I found myself addicted for another few miserable years seeking, crashing, craving…all over again. I was so mad! How did this happen?


Everything I tried again failed. That was so frustrating!

Before long I found myself back to over indulging in sugar until I felt ill, continuing to tell myself I wasn’t going to eat it anymore but honestly I just I didn’t know how to stop the sugar addiction I felt trapped in.

That really stunk because sugar also made me so tired all the time and very irritable. I was so fatigued I would literally fall asleep at stop lights in my late twenties and as a personal trainer!

The sugar addiction was zapping my energy and I didn’t even realize it.

All I ever really wanted to do was be free from the control the sugar addiction had in my life but I just honestly felt trapped. Like I was a prisoner in my own body and was chained down by this hold sugar had in my life.

I was some fitness expert who secretly harbored this sugar addiction that NOBODY knew about; not even my husband.

I felt so alone.

I had this love/hate relationship going on with sugar.

I loved the flavor and the high but I hated the cravings, the crash and the feeling of being out of control.

I found that no matter how much I ate, it never satisfied me and I always wanted more.

Then in 2008 I finally felt like I had had enough. You can only beat your head against the wall so many times before you hopefully realize it’s not a good idea to do that.

I had cried in my car enough times, I had felt ill enough times, I had said I was going to stop eating it enough times. I had eaten so much sugar that I felt like it was coming out of my skin. I knew by the way I felt, this stuff was slowly sucking the life out of me!

I felt like something was wrong with me and I was sick and tired of feeling that way.

So I ran with that feeling and I started to come off of it, the best part is it was a lot easier this time because I really changed my approach of how I came off the sugar. With these new tactics I was using, the experience started to change when I did eat it, it wasn’t even enjoyable anymore and it didn’t even taste very good. This was shocking to me.

That’s when something clicked and everything changed for me.

It was like I had an Ah – HA moment!

believeAt that moment I realized there are better ways to come off of sugar and not crave it then the way I had done it before. Many of the books I read seemed so strict and freaked me out that I would never have sugar again. I didn’t like that approach.

They didn’t teach me about my relationship with sugar and why I really had the addiction, they just said I was hooked because of these other reasons. I found that was not really true.

Within the next year I had experienced sugar in a completely different way. I had not come off of it totally but it slowly began to lose its control over me as I ate it less and less.

I would eat it and I felt like I HAD control over it! I could take a few bites and stop and I could say no in situations I used to be tempted.

Now that was something different.

When I was in the midst of my sugar addiction, I could count on one hand the times I had EVER had sugar and it not turned into a problem. It was like once that door had opened and I had sugar, I wanted more and more and it was like this freight train that couldn’t be stopped destroying things in its path.

Over the next few years, I tracked, tested, and tweaked each interaction with sugar. I wrote it all down, everything to the “T” of what I felt, thought about and experienced when I craved it and when I gave in; basically what the whole experience was like.

I finally felt like I had reached an understanding of sugar that I had never had before.

Instead of just stopping it cold turkey, I learned over those few years all of the ins and outs of sugar: why I ate it, why I craved it, how I got myself to stop eating it and how I could walk right by it and not even want it.

And as of November 2009 I had finally overcome my addiction to sugar! I was FREE from it and it is so exciting! It’s so wonderful now to be able to eat it every once and a while and NOT EVEN crave it! And most of the time, I stop at a few bites because it’s too rich and sweet. I don’t EVEN want to eat the rest of it!

After being a sugar addict for 30 years (I will be 37 this year), it was in Nov of 2009 that I decided I had two choices:

1) I could either go the rest of my life and not have it again (that was not a rigid system I wanted to live by)

2) OR I could learn how to eat it occasionally and NOT crave it (that solution sounded better to me!)

There you have it…that is how I came up with the Sugar Addiction Solution. I have done all the hard work and keeping track of the entire experience I went through with sugar over the last few years so now you can be free from a sugar addiction too!

BUT you are going to do it in 14 days when it took me a lot longer since I didn’t have these types of resources you are getting.


Life is so much better when you feel like you have control and you have broken out of that frustrating sugar addiction and are FREE from it. I can’t wait for you to experience the same thing! And you will be free from it too….

That is another reason why I am practically giving this away to you!

And Now I Want To Give YOU a 14 Day System of how to Break Free from the Control of Sugar in Your Life… I call this the: ‘Sugar Addiction Solution’

These are my best, most effective and proven tactics to come off a sugar addiction…here they are.

Here’s what You’re Going to Learn Through These Proven Tactics to Break Your Sugar Addiction…

  • How to break a sugar addiction in only 14 days
  • How to have abundant energy all day long without sugar
  • How to retrain your brain to NOT want sugar
  • How to view sugar differently so you actually choose NOT to eat it
  • Three little known and never-talked-about “sneaky” tactics to practically overnight change how you feel about sugar
  • The number one way to resist temptation if you are around sugar
  • How to have better skin, less acne, stronger bones and less aches and pains
  • How to have sugar occasionally WITHOUT craving it
  • How to have less sadness, depression or moodiness
  • The secret to how not to see sugar or chocolate as your best friend
  • How to have a few bites of it and STOP, NOT wanting anymore
  • How to be less irritable from the crash of sugar
  • How to think like a person that doesn’t even crave sugar
  • And so much more!

Here’s what can Happen in Your Life When you Overcome this
Sugar Addiction…

  • More energy
  • I feel better
  • I have less aches and pains since I have less inflammation
  • I am less cranky
  • Sleep better
  • Happier with my choices
  • My body thanks me; I am happier
  • No more late night binging

No more feeling ashamed over the amount of sugary junk I just consumed, even
temperament and more self-control, better skin!

  • Fat loss, by body is burning fat easier
  • No more heartburn
  • No more sluggishness
  • Less bloating, my stomach has flattened out a lot more
  • I have more time since I am not focused chasing around sugar all the time
  • Feeling better physically, emotionally and mentally
  • Happier with myself, I am more confident in myself in every area of my life

Feeling better, looking better and not feeling like a slave to it, less shame because I am not sneaking around eating it

  • I will live longer since I found out several people have died due to issues that were caused by diabetes type 2
  • Less constipation
  • Better health, better moods, more confident and in control of my life
  • More clarity of focus and more even keeled moods
  • Definitely better dental hygiene (I destroyed my teeth drinking Coke)
  • Freedom from cravings and wearing smaller clothes
  • Less puffiness
  • Freedom to desire and choose other really good and healthy foods

Less puffiness, freedom to desire and choose other really good and healthy foods, saved money for a vacation since I am not buying or making “junk food”

  • Set a better example for my kids
  • Slimmed down
  • No more struggling, I feel better physically
  • Feeling better, I used to feel stiff all the time, now I don’t
  • I was nervous at first to do it but now I am really am rid of the cravings
  • Eating to live, not living to eat
  • Continued improved intimacy with my husband
  • More energy; less lethargic
  • Feel happier about life
  • Headaches are gone
  • I have overall satisfaction knowing that I’m a healthier person and making wise decisions about how I want to live my life
  • Emotionally “free” from the desire and control of the addiction

I feel better and look better, freedom, became more confident

  • I feel more free and I have more room in the freezer since it used to be full of sugary food
  • Feeling of empowerment for being able to accomplish something that I have been struggling with for my entire life
  • I feel successful and love myself more
  • A healthier, happier me
  • Easier to get dressed since I have less fat
  • I was able to break the hold it had on me, and my kids can grow up without the addiction
  • I lost the major reason for my recurring sadness/anger
  • Feel so much younger
  • I feel healthy and not controlled by a substance which feels great since my father was an alcoholic

Wow! Isn’t ALL that worth at least trying to be free from sugar for 14 days?
Hey, if you don’t like all those benefits you can always go back to
being tired, having headaches, cravings and frustration.




3 Sugar Addiction Solution Videos

Video 1


  • A step by step 14 day plan to get you free from sugar
  • How to easily make it through the first 3 days
  • How to get motivated to take action and stay focused

Video 2

In this video I talk to you about:

  • Understanding what sugar does to the body and why you would want to be free from a sugar addiction
  • Understanding temptation and not being overtaken by it
  • Learning how valuable you really are and why it’s good to take care of your body for your destiny
  • How not to let bad habits erode your health away

BONUS Video 3 – Watch this video after you completed your 14 days

You have completed 14 days, yes! I want to celebrate with you! In this video I will:

  • I will show you exactly how to stay off sugar
  • How to resist temptation
  • How to have sugar occasionally and it not turn into another sugar addiction

Sugar Addiction Solution Manuscript

This manuscript is loaded with the most up to date, “what’s working now” powerful strategies and systems to get free from the control of sugar, once only available to my top paying coaching clients.

sas_manuscriptThese pages are loaded with so many great ideas that you’ll never run out of tools or ways to keep yourself focused and excited about this new freedom of being off of sugar.

  • Step by step guide of your 14 day plan to get you free from sugar
  • List of the empowering statements to condition your mind so you can be free from sugar
  • How to read labels, how much sugar should you have in a day
  • The top 5 reasons why people stay addicted to sugar and how to overcome it
  • The exact system I used for the 2 years to make sure I didn’t fall back into a sugar addiction
  • The top 5 things to do if you are craving sugar for any reason

Morning Meditation Audio

Listen to this short meditation in the morning to get your mind ready for the day and in a healthy frame of mind to keep you focused and feeling powerful.
Transforming your mind to thinking like someone that doesn’t need or want sugar is just as important to actually stop eating it.

You can also listen to this at any time of the day you feel like you need it.

14 Day Tracking your Success Calendar

14_day_trackingBy tracking your success each day without sugar, you can watch every day how much easier it gets with this handy dandy calendar. Its small enough you can stick it right in your purse or lay it on your desk at work.

Checking off each day you made it will give you a great sense of accomplishment and show you that really can beat this addiction.

14 Day Success Certificate

You made it 14 days and I want to celebrate with you! Print it, write your name on the certificate and take your picture holding it next to you. Then email me the picture so I can see it too!

Having this certificate seals the deal and furthers your total success of overcoming the control sugar has had in your life. It shows you that you did beat the sugar addiction and you can continue to do it as a way of life.

“Receive $205.95 in FREE Bonus Gifts When You Order Before Midnight of 12/05/2022“



14 Day Delicious Menu Plan with a Shopping List and Recipes – to balance out your blood sugar levels

($15.00 Value)

So you are not eating sugar, now what do you eat? This is a step by step 14 day plan that shows you exactly what to eat with a detailed shopping list and recipes. The key to this plan is simplicity and using items from one meal in another so it makes eating quick and easy.

This 14 Day Delicious menu plan is something that has also only been available to my top personal training clients, until now!


14 Day Journal

($15.00 Value)

sas_journalHere you can journal your experience through the process. Getting in touch with your emotions and thoughts will give you great insight to how to really overcome this sugar addiction.

This journal has quick, easy laid out entries to just check in and see where you are mentally, emotionally and physically.


Rescue Video IF you have any cravings

($29.95 Value)

rescue_videoMOST people find when they get sugar out of their system, they do NOT crave it but it’s better to prepared IF you do.

In this video I show you exactly what to do if you are in a state of emergency while you are coming off sugar in the first 3 days. This quick video will help to get your head in the right place and get you right back on track. The audio of this video is also in the bonus audio set below.


Sugar Addiction Solution – Complete Audio

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sas_complete_audio_setTake the support of the Sugar Addiction Solution with you anywhere you go. As a special bonus, and to make sure that you have the most cutting edge system to get free from sugar, on hand, no matter where you are. I’m giving you the entire Sugar Addiction Solution program on easy to listen to MP3s.

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2 Interviews with Ex-Sugar Addicts who LOVE Being Free from a Sugar Addiction

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Listening to other people who have overcome it can be very valuable for you to hear. It inspires you to believe that you can do it too!

Hear the one secret that Kim shares to no longer have to take a nap at 3 pm
Listen to how Kim easily got her kids off sugar and has calmed down her wild, uncontrollable child that was driving her crazy
Learn about the one secret that Kathy does to still enjoy chocolate but not let it turn into a sugar addiction
Listen to the one simple thing Kathy did to lose that last 15 lbs. at age 47

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More Success Stories…

Jenny is a former sugar addict of over 40 years!

Listen to Jenny’s testimonial

“Before I met Samantha, I didn’t think I had a problem with sugar and I didn’t ever think of wanting to stop eating it. But then when I read her journal and thought about my life I said, ‘Oh no! I definitely am addicted to sugar!’ After reading her literature it all made sense and I realized I was going to be better without it.

“I didn’t know those mood swings were from sugar; I thought it was my hormones!”

I knew how bad I was feeling at the time and reading her stuff made me want to feel better and get off of it. After that first week I could not believe how easy it was; I didn’t even want it. I don’t tell myself I can never have it again because that would want me make it more. Now, I just know it’s not healthy for me and it doesn’t make me feel good so I choose not to eat it. I remember reading in Samantha’s journal entries, she was just like me; if I had birthday cake, I could eat the whole cake before the end of the day but now since doing her program it’s so different.

I even had piece of cake on my daughter’s birthday but that’s it! And it’s been on the counter for a week and I haven’t even touched it! I could have never ever, ever done that before. I had it that time but the difference since I have done Samantha’s program, it’s not that addictive desire that I used to have. Through her, I realized that I know that I’ll never be satisfied with sugar and that’s something that’s really given me strength. That I could eat it again but it won’t satisfy me, I would just have to keep eating it and eating it. And there is never a point that you are really ever satisfied. It’s good that she pointed that out because I had to reach that point too, where I did learn that every time I eat it, it’s just never enough! You always tell yourself, ‘Well, let me just do this, this one last time.’ I have even thrown something away, but if it landed just right in the trash can, I go, ‘Oh! You know, I can get it back out, and it’s okay (especially when it’s in your own trash).’

When I listened to her materials, the word addiction got to me because I knew that I loved it, ate it all the time and wanted it, but I didn’t like the sound of addiction. When I heard her story I saw that it was just like me and it just hit me hard to face that I was addicted to it. As I followed her plan I was surprised at how easy it was, once I got off of it and the sugar was out of my body.

I didn’t believe Samantha when she told me after I got sugar out of my body, that I wouldn’t crave it, and that I will be able to look at it and not eat it; I did NOT believe her. But it’s true and it’s amazing! I was even at this function where I used to eat like 5 sweets but only one week later, it was around me and I wasn’t even tempted; I was surprised it was so easy! The wild thing for me is I’ve had a few times that my mouth watered over vegetables instead of sugar! I’ve never felt this way before; that healthier foods started to be very appealing and that happened within the first 14 days! I was on diets for 25 years but this is the first time that I do feel more of a lifestyle change; it’s definitely different than anything I’ve ever done and it does NOT feel like a diet.

Before I got on her program, I was dealing with a lot of emotional stuff, crying a lot and now I am much happier, hardly cry at all and I have very few emotional swings. I have more energy and I feel better, there’s definitely a difference when I’m not on sugar and I had NO idea until she encouraged me to go off of it. It’s hard to believe all those mood swings were from sugar, for I thought it was my hormones.

And if there is anyone reading this that is addicted to it, emotional, tired, can’t live without it or don’t think you were addicted to it; I just want to tell you that you can do it with Samantha’s program. It’s something I never would have ever thought I could do and it’s amazing, it’s just…it’s unbelievable that I feel like this and no one could have ever told me I could feel this way and I would have believed them. So, you just have to experience it yourself. I thought I liked it, enjoyed eating it, needed it, wanted it, but I didn’t think I was addicted. So I guess, that probably was the biggest thing at first and I thought, ‘I’m going to fight this; I’m not going to be addicted or let this rule my life.’ Once I got passed this first 4 days, it was amazing! The change was unbelievable!” Jenny

Watch a video of me and my mom talking about how when she baked cookies with me all the time for “emotional bonding” it contributed to my 30 year sugar addiction:

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